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Empowering Businesses to make better Risk-based decisions

Know which third parties pose the highest risk to your organization.

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Why Black Kite?

Customer commitment. Innovation. Integrity.

For cyber risk professionals looking to quantify and maintain visibility of their risk exposure, Black Kite provides a defensible platform that spans the entirety of the third party risk management life cycle.

Our rating technology uses open-source intelligence to compare vendor cybersecurity to industry standards. Black Kite is also the only cyber rating system that puts a dollar value on risk, using OpenFAIR to quantify risk in financial terms.

By eliminating false positives and providing tools to fix risk levels across their externally facing digital footprint, our platform makes organizations more resilient.

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The Black Kite Platform

Built from a Hacker’s Perspective
Risk in Financial Terms
Determines the financial impact of potential breaches for each vendor
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Technical Cyber Risk Score
Continuously monitors third-party risks and assigns an easy-to-understand letter grade to each vendor
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Questionnaire & Compliance Correlation
Correlates findings with industry standards to inform compliance requirements
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Black Kite’s platform was built to provide full visibility into a vendor’s cyber position, using the same open-source intelligence tools and techniques hackers use (data collectors, crawlers, honeypots, etc.) to continuously collect information from internet-wide scanner databases, reputation sites, cyber events, hacker shares, and known vulnerability databases.

Our platform communicates risk in qualitative, quantitative, and easy-to-understand business terms for executives, and allows IT-security teams to drill down to the technical details in three risk categories: technical grade, regulatory compliance, and financial impact.

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Prevent Unrecognized Risk

Black Kite reduces the uncertainty around your cyber risk with a high quality platform that does the work for you.

Scalable, all-encompassing, and tailored to identify your problem areas, our platform isn’t just another cyber rating tool. It tells you which vendors pose the highest risk to your company, without creating more work for you.

Black Kite is also the only cyber risk rating system that can measure the cost associated with a potential third-party cyber breach, so you can know the risk every organization in your ecosystem poses in dollars and cents.

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